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An Irrational Financial Act

Of all the things we can do with money, giving it away seems completely, utterly irrational, doesn’t it? It turns out that generosity is a key component of what it means to use money well. Here are three reasons why. Generosity is Part of Our Design The Bible says we were each made in God’s […]

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Let Me Have Some

A Call for Truly Radical Wealth Redistribution

Of all the issues swirling around the Occupy Wall Street protests, the one that seems to have struck the most sensitive nerve is financial inequality.  It prompted one writer, whose article appeared in the Wall Street Journal, to accuse the protesters of calling for “radical wealth redistribution.” He didn’t define what he meant by “radical,” […]

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William and Kate

Money Lessons From the Royal Wedding

Amid all the royal wedding hoopla, did you notice what Prince William and his fiancée, Kate Middleton, have asked for in terms of wedding gifts? Since this is one couple that truly does have everything, they’ve asked anyone wanting to get them a gift to consider making a donation instead. The royal couple has set […]

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An Outpouring of Generosity

The tragic earthquake in Haiti has touched the hearts of people around the world, prompting donations of several hundred million dollars so far. Have you contributed to the relief efforts in Haiti?  My family is doing so through a contribution to an organization that our church has partnered with: Water Missions International.  There are many […]

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Lots of People Just Getting By

According to a new national survey by CareerBuilder, over 60 percent of today’s workers always or usually live paycheck to paycheck. As reported on the MSN Smart Spending blog, that’s up from 49 percent last year and 43 percent the year before. Even 30 percent of workers earning $100,000 or more say they’re living paycheck […]

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