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Learning How to Take Time Off

With Memorial Day coming up, I hope you — and I — will dedicate some time over the weekend to reflect on and give thanks for those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. And if your employer gives you a day off, I hope you take it. We Americans are good at […]

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Tap Water: It’s Cheap, But Is It Safe?

I used to be strictly a tap water guy. It’s inexpensive and everything I read about the water in Chicago, where I live, told me it’s among the safest in the country.  Reading an article entitled “Message in a Bottle” in Fast Company only furthered my commitment to avoid bottled water. Troubling News About Water […]

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Flexible Spending Accounts Becoming Less Flexible

If you have a Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account, some new rules will soon go into effect that you’re not going to be happy about.  Beginning next year, you will no longer be able to use such accounts to pay for many over-the-counter medicines or drugs (allergy and cold medicines, antacids, acne treatments, etc., […]

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The Price of Getting to Work

While plenty of people would like to get back to work, many of those who are working may be damaging their health just getting to and from their jobs.  According to a new IBM global commuter study, over half of all commuters says roadway traffic has negatively impacted their health.  A Mainstreet.com story about the […]

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Defensive Spending

It’s a financial jungle out there, so an essential part of wise money management is being vigilant about ferreting out shady deals.  That’s the message of Bob Sullivan’s new book, Stop Getting Ripped Off.  As summarized by MSN, one common ploy he warns against is the bait and switch, in which companies lure us in […]

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Kids Feeling Stress of Recession

The recession has impacted all of us, including children.  As reported on FiLife.com, a new survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 30 percent of young people ages 8 to 17 are worried about their family’s finances – their second-highest source of stress after managing school pressure.  The survey also found a gap […]

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Your Life is an Open Book

It sounds like a horrific scene out of some sci-fi movie set decades down the road – lots of computer databases filled with lots of information about…you! But it’s not some fictionalized account of the future; it’s today’s reality. As described in Consumer Reports, information about your use of credit, insurance claims, medical history, and […]

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Save on Organics

Organic food may seem like a splurge right now, but when it comes to our health spending less may ultimately cost more. A short piece on Consumer Reports recently reported on five ways to save on organics. In addition to the obvious suggestion to buy store brand organics, the article included links to organic food […]

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Spending Smart

While we can’t control what’s happening in the stock market we can control what’s happening in our homes, and now is an especially good time to look for ways to spend smarter. U.S. News & World Report offers a great collection of ideas for saving on the cost of food, clothing, healthcare, and more. Such […]

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Controlling What We Can Control

Eight in ten Americans feel stressed about money, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. Nearly 60 percent of respondents say they are concerned about job stability, while 50 percent say they are increasingly concerned about their ability to provide for their family’s basic needs. How are people responding to the stress brought […]

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