Running the Numbers on Retirement

It’s no secret that many of us are not saving enough for our later years. One step that’s proven effective at motivating people to get in the savings game is to crunch a few numbers. A story in the _Chicago Sun-Times_ on 11/6/06 recommended some web sites where we can do just that. First, go to columnist “Terry Savage’s site”: and click on the blue box that says “Financial Engines.” That’ll give you access to a one-year free trial of a service that provides personalized advice about how much to save and how to diversify your investments. Or, for a simpler approach, Fidelity just started offering a free “myPlan Snapshot”:
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p(matt). According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, less than half of all workers have done a retirement needs calculation. Run some numbers and you’ll join the minority who’ve taken a proactive step toward planning for their future. It’ll either give you some added peace of mind that you’re on the right track, or it may just motivate you to start stocking that 401(k) plan.

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