Finding Even Better Deals Online

When shopping online, items are placed in a virtual shopping cart. At checkout time, sites often ask whether you have a promotional code. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t find one. An article in the _Morning Call_ on 11/12 suggested this strategy: When you’re asked for a promotional code keep that page open while opening a new browser window or a new tab. Then use a search engine and type in the name of the retailer, the word “code,” and other terms like “promotional,” “discounts,” or “coupon.” Or try looking for codes on sites like “CouponCabin”:, “CouponMountain”:, “”:, and “”: There’s a good chance you’ll find a code you can use.
h3(matt). Matt’s View
p(matt). These sites have more than just promotional codes. They have printable coupons, links to retailers offering special deals, and more. However, as the article pointed out, keep in mind that a deal isn’t a deal unless you were going to buy the item anyway. It’s all too easy to spend more than we should by taking advantage of all those “money-saving” deals.

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