Getting Fiscally Fit

Every year, it seems, getting in better physical and fiscal shape top the list of people’s New Year’s resolutions. The fact that those goals pop up every year is a good indication that people have a hard time following through on them. A recent article on _Yahoo Finance_ reviewed the classic steps to achieving such goals such as reframing negative thoughts about our prospects for success with positive thoughts, breaking large goals into smaller ones, setting deadlines, and getting an accountability partner.
h3(matt). Matt’s View
p(matt). Each of the steps is important, but one holds the key to goal accomplishment: getting an accountability partner. Figuring out what we want and understanding what we need to do are relatively easy. It’s doing the work that’s the hard part. Do you have a financial accountability partner–someone who knows your financial goals and encourages you to stay on track? If not, finding one is one of the most important steps you can take toward accomplishing your goals in the New Year, whether those goals are physical or fiscal.
p(matt). If you have a financial accountability partner, would you send me a note? I’m doing some additional writing on this topic and would like to hear your story. What information do you share with your accountability partner? Just your goals? Or do you share details about your savings and debts? What lessons have you learned about choosing and using an accountability partner? What’s been the result? Please write to me by clicking .

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