Could You Live Without Your iPod?

Could you imagine life without a home computer or a microwave oven? According to a Pew Research Center study, in 1996 most people considered those devices luxuries. By the end of last year, 51 percent said a home computer is a necessity and 60 percent said a microwave is essential. Cell phones weren’t even on the 1996 survey, but are now considered necessary by 49 percent of people. Other items that didn’t make the previous list include high speed Internet (now considered essential by 29 percent of people), flat-screen TV’s (5 percent now see them as essential), and iPods (a necessity to 3 percent of today’s respondents).
h3(matt). Matt’s View
p(matt). Of course, the faster items make the transition from luxury to necessity the happier marketers become. Any guesses as to how many people will consider an iPod a necessity in 2016?

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