Name Your Price

Haggling has long been an assumed part of the home- and car-buying experience. But in a down economy more and more retailers, including Best Buy and Home Depot, are going along when people ask for a better price. And not just on big-ticket items. One clothing store shopper profiled in a New York Times article asked for a better price on an already discounted pair of pants and was given another one-third off.

One of the biggest hurdles to haggling is fear–either the fear of rejection or the fear that making the request will seem tacky. But haggling is becoming a more common part of our economy with the popularity of eBay and Priceline. So give it a try. You’ll be amazed at what can happen if you simply ask, “Can you do any better on this price?”

If you recently negotiated a better price on something, please let me know the details.


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