Time Banking

For all who really believe that time is money, now there’s a bank for you–a time bank. As described in an article on Mainstreet.com, the concept works like this: you spend an hour doing something for another member of the time bank. That hour then gets “deposited” as a time dollar, which can be spent on having someone do something for you. One blogger recently wrote about enjoying a night at the symphony courtesy of a local time bank after stuffing envelopes for the symphony for four hours. The performance was two hours long, so four hours of service netted her two tickets. You can build your account by driving someone to a medical appointment, giving a free music lesson, helping someone with a home repair project, and more. When you’re in need of something, you make a request at the bank or check a list of available services.

Time banks now operate in 22 countries and 65 locations in the U.S. To see if there’s one in your community or to find out about starting one, go here.

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