The Right Way to Save on Gas

You’re doing all that you can to save on gas these days, right? You’ve made sure your tires are properly inflated; you’ve taken all the heavy stuff out of your trunk; you’ve even taken to turning off your engine while waiting for a train to pass by. Ah, but there’s one more step you can take. You can plan your errands in a way that enables you to make mostly right turns. The idea, as reported in the Chicago Tribune, comes from the efficiency experts at UPS. By planning its delivery routes this way, UPS says it saves on gas by minimizing the time that drivers spend idling while waiting to make left turns, and even improves safety since its drivers rarely have to turn against traffic.

In a related item, several readers have written in with comments about how they’re coping with today’s tough economy. Among the many notes, Lori said her husband is taking a bus to work and they’re now thinking of selling one of their cars. Pam and her husband moved their family of seven, in part, to cut down on driving by being more central to their kids’ activities. In good times and bad, Bruce and his wife maintain six months’ worth of living expenses in an emergency fund. And Michelle bought a hybrid car, dropping her monthly fuel expenses from $200 to $90. Thanks to everyone who wrote.

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