A Good Green Guide

Bankrate.com has put together a helpful list of over 100 eco-friendly tips, many of which are also easy on the wallet. The ideas are grouped in eight broad categories, each of which is further grouped by “quick fixes,” “short-term,” and “long-term.” For example, under the category of “Leisure & entertainment,” a quick fix idea is to order tap water in restaurants instead of bottled water. It’s less expensive and it’ll help cut down on the millions of tons of plastic and glass bottles that end up in landfills every day. A recommended long-term solution is to use a non-motorized reel mower to cut your lawn.

As the owner of a reel mower, I’m not sure that using it counts as leisure or entertainment. Nor can I say that it cuts as well as a mower with a motor. However, it’s a good workout, creates no air or noise pollution, and comes with no gasoline expense. Look through the Bankrate.com list. You’ll see some familiar ideas, but you’ll also probably find some that you haven’t tried before.

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