Don’t Get Fleeced by Fido

Are you among the 60 percent of households that have a pet? Then you know the dangers of investing in anything that eats! Seriously, though, while pets are usually viewed as a member of the family, there are costs to consider. And if you haven’t chosen a pet yet, perhaps a glance at the estimated lifetime costs of various pets in this MSN article may help guide your decision (who knew that cats cost more than dogs?). Expenses can vary a lot even among different types of the same animal. For example, the article noted that a Great Dane could cost up to three times as much to feed as a typical large dog.

As the MSN article’s author stated, comparing prices between poodles and parakeets isn’t as cold-hearted as it may sound. Many pets end up in shelters because their previous owners didn’t fully anticipate the costs.

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