Your Number Matters

Several times in this eNewsletter we’ve discussed the importance of knowing and managing your credit score. A recent MarketWatch article emphasized the point by highlighting five types of organizations beyond creditors who use our credit scores to guide their relationship with us: employers, insurance companies, landlords, utilities, and cell phone carriers. Keeping our score high, mostly by paying bills on time, makes it easier to score a job, and apartment, and the best prices.

A reader recently pointed out how easy it is to go to the wrong place for your credit report. While aggressively promotes “free” credit reports and credit scores, they’re only free for those who sign up for a credit monitoring service to the tune of $14.95 per month. Sure, you can cancel before the first payment is processed–as long as you remember to do so within seven days.

The only place to go for truly free credit reports is The least expensive way to purchase your credit score – that’s right, your report is free; your score is not – is to order it from Equifax for $7.95. You can order it during the process of signing up for your free credit report.

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