The Incredible Shrinking Package

Does it seem as though the packages lining grocery store aisles are getting smaller? They are. It’s a strategy some packaged goods manufacturers are using to pass along their higher costs. Instead of raising the price on a normal sized container, they are shrinking the container but charging what they used to charge for the larger container. According to a New York Times story, some of the most common shrinking package categories include canned tuna, paper towels, chewing gum, butter-type spreads, candy bars, coffee, and ice cream.

Now more than ever, a price book is an essential tool for smart grocery shoppers. A price book is simply a small notebook (or an electronic organizer) where you list the types of products you buy most frequently, the best prices you’ve found on a per-ounce or per-count basis, the brands that tend to offer the best deals, and the stores. Evaluating prices on a per-ounce or per-count basis makes it easier to figure out which product is a good value no matter what the size of the package.


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