In the midst of all the belt-tightening going on during these turbulent times, many charities are seeing an increase in donations. As reported by the Associated Press (which I heard about through Dan Miller’s excellent eNewsletter, 48 Days), Washington state’s largest food bank is getting calls from companies whose employees have decided to forgo their usual holiday party in favor of using the money to help buy food for the hungry. Apparently, it’s more than just a local trend. A Harris Interactive survey found that 70 percent of respondents plan to spend less on holiday presents this year while about 50 percent said they are more likely to give a charitable gift.

I’m hearing the same sentiment from readers of this eNewsletter. For example, Amy said that on her dad’s side of the family, which includes 12 adults, they’ve decided not hold their usual gift exchange this year. Instead, each person plans to take the money they would normally spend and donate it to a local charity. Amy’s money is going to a local food bank.


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