Dialing for More Dollars

In the last issue of this eNewsletter I mentioned an ABC News profile of someone who easily persuaded many of his service providers – from his health club to his cable company – to reduce their rates. He simply called them and said, “I need to save some money. I know you get it. Can you work with me?” I decided to give it a try and ended up getting a $20 per month reduction in our monthly phone/Internet bill. More recently I called our cell phone provider to see about a rate reduction. They analyzed the number of minutes we’ve used each month for the past several months, found that we use well below our allotment (a very common scenario), and switched us to a plan that’ll cut our costs by about $15 per month.

Our previous cell plan also charged us for every text message we sent or received. We’re not big texters, but getting any additional fees tacked onto our monthly bill was annoying. Our new package includes plenty of free text messages.

For another way to save on the cost of your cell phone service, check out this post from the blog, “Get Rich Slowly.”

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