Cheap Eats

Dining out is high on the list of expenses people are cutting in light of the recession. But if you know where to look, many restaurant deals are there for the taking. A recent Real Simple article reminded readers about, where $25 gift certificates for thousands of restaurants are available for $10. Get on its e-mail list and you’ll be notified when discounts of up to another 80 percent become available. The article also mentioned, which lists restaurants by cuisine, location, and price (including a “cheap eats” section) for 70 cities. For free or discounted children’s meals, the Consumerist mentioned, and the Associated Press recommended

One cost-effective alternative to restaurant dining is to buy meals from a so-called easy meal prep store. You can either put together the meals yourself at the store or buy them already assembled. Then they require little more than heating and serving. You get a restaurant quality meal at home and the cost per serving is surprisingly affordable. Here’s a listing of such stores by state.

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