Recession Lessons

The recession is reshaping our financial attitudes and behaviors, and the changes may just stick. An article in Money magazine made that assertion using both anecdotal evidence and the results from several national surveys. The story cited a recent MetLife survey in which nearly 50 percent of respondents said they “already had all the possessions they need” – up from 34 percent in 2006. One person profiled used his job loss as an incentive to start his own business and now has the flexibility to have meals at home with his family most nights. “Do I feel victimized?” he asked. “No, I think I’ve found my way.”

The recession seems to be forcing us through something akin to the stages of grief – from denial and anger to acceptance. Many people have had to say goodbye to their job, home, sense of security, or way of life. But some are doing more than simply coming to terms with today’s hard realities. They’re entering a new stage of rethinking and redefining what matters most. And that’s a stage filled with great possibility for making positive changes that will endure.


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