A Hand Up

In the midst of all the bad economic news there are some positive stories. Like the story of Hal Colston’s Good News Garage in Burlington, Vermont, which repairs donated cars and then makes them available to people in need for as little as a few hundred dollars. Quoted on Oprah.com, Colston said, “In so many ways, people are just a repair bill away from disaster. The car dies, they lose their job, and they just spiral out of control. I wanted to do something about this.” Or the story of Dr. Dan Bell and his wife, Suzie, of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They started the ECHO Health Clinic in a church gymnasium to make sure everyone in their community had access to healthcare. Twice a month, the Bells and 250 volunteers provide free medical care, counseling, and hot meals. Dan Bell said, “We were looking at how you really live your faith. We’re at the age where you’re looking at, ‘Are you doing all you can do with your life and finishing strong?'”

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the recession seems to be spurring a surge in people wanting to help others. Apparently, layoffs are prompting some people to rethink the direction of their lives and seek greater ways to make a difference.

Have our economic tough times prompted any changes in your charitable activities or those of someone you know?

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