Best Advice Ever

Fortune magazine and recently asked several famous people about the best words of wisdom they ever received. For Tiger Woods, it was his father’s advice when Tiger was just 6 or 7 to keep things simple – to pick a spot on the golf course where he wanted to hit the ball and focus on that rather than getting all wrapped up in swing technique. “Even today, when I’m struggling with my game,” he said, “I can still hear him say, ‘Pick a spot and just hit it.'” Miles White, CEO of Abbott Labs, said the best advice he ever received was to not pursue titles and dollars. “Pursue passion and the titles and dollars will follow.”

After I graduated from high school and was trying to figure out what to study in college, my dad asked me a great question: “Up to this point in your life, what have you most enjoyed doing?” What came to mind were some talks I had given during church retreats. From that conversation came a decision to study communication, which has been the focus of my life ever since – first as a journalist and now as an author and speaker.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? More specifically, is there any financial advice that has served you especially well during the recession?

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