DIY Nation

Do-it-yourself projects are in–another result of the recession. A recent Time magazine poll found that nearly one-quarter of us are doing more home repairs ourselves rather than hiring help. The downside is that emergency room doctors are treating more people hurt during home repair projects gone wrong.

It would be a gross understatement to say that I’m not very handy. For most of my adult life, the “yourself” part of do-it-yourself has meant finding and calling someone to hire for home repair and maintenance projects. But that’s beginning to change. I plan to pressure wash and stain our deck before winter arrives and also to replace a motion-detector light on the side of our house. If future issues of this blog appear in your inbox or feed reader, that’ll be a sign that I survived.

Here are some relatively simple projects that even those who don’t know a Phillips from a flathead screwdriver should be able to handle. Who knew that ants don’t like the smell of mint?

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