Keeping Your Economic Engine Tuned recently shared 10 career resolutions for the New Year.  All were worthwhile ideas, but three really stood out.  First, look for something new to learn every day.  The “every day” part might be a bit lofty, but I agree with the importance of continuing to learn.  Most large employers offer some form of tuition reimbursement, and yet just 10 percent of eligible workers take advantage of that benefit. And you don’t even have to go to grad school to keep learning.  Just staying current with the latest books in your field will help keep you sharp and engaged.  Second, build a wide, deep, and active network.  This is the career equivalent of an emergency fund.  If you lost your job, a great network will likely be your best chance of finding a new one.  And third, find a mentor—“someone who’s a little smarter and a little more experienced than you, and who knows you, likes you, and cares about you.”  I couldn’t agree more.  My long-term mentor, Dick Towner, has poured huge quantities of invaluable wisdom into my life.

How are you doing in these areas?  What are you doing to continue learning about your career—either the one you’re in now or the one you’re pursuing?  How wide, deep, and active is your network?  And do you have a mentor?


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