Spice Up Your Marriage With a… Budget!

Okay, a budget may not exactly add romance to your marriage, but it may help reduce marital money fights.  A new national survey I commissioned from the market research firm Synovate found that married people who use a budget experience fewer financial disagreements with their spouse than those who don’t use a budget (see the news release here).  And the more detailed the budget the fewer the financial fights.

And yet, just 12 percent of married people report using a detailed budget.  I’m not suggesting that a ledger book would be a better gift this Valentine’s Day than a romantic dinner, but I am suggesting that working together on a plan for your money would be a good step for building a great marriage.

The survey also looked at some of the contributing factors behind financial disagreements, with respondents identifying temperament differences as a key issue.

Not surprisingly, couples with children at home are much more likely than those without children to experience financial disagreements.  There is simply a lot more to spend money on when you have kids.  The good news for all married couples is that financial disagreements seem to taper off the longer you’re married.

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One Response to Spice Up Your Marriage With a… Budget!

  1. Kick debt off February 15, 2010 at 9:40 PM #

    This is so true yet many couples don not get it. I have talked to alot of people, and i find that many married couples do not do the money thing together, they let one spouse manage that aspect of their relationship. While it may work for a short term i think it is a time-bomb in a marriage if couples do not plan their finances together with a living ‘budget’

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