How to Find a Good Résumé Writer

If you’re searching for a job but hiring managers aren’t exactly jamming your phone line, you may benefit from having your résumé written by a pro.  However, with a growing number of writers pitching their services for anywhere from $100 to $2,000, which one should you choose?  A recent Wall Street Journal article offered some helpful guidance:

  • Look for a writer who has experience in your industry
  • Ask for samples beyond what’s posted on their web site and speak with others who have used their services
  • Ask about their process, looking for a writer who will interview you over the phone or send you an extensive survey
  • Ask about their background –  ideally, the person will have experience as a recruiter or human resources manager

Have you used a professional résumé writer?  What other steps would you recommend for finding the best writer for the job?

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