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How Does Keep User Information Safe? A Conversation With Mint’s Security Architect

If you’re thinking about using an online budget tool, you may be concerned about security.  That’s because in order to do what they do best – automatically track your spending – you have to provide them with the passwords to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other accounts you want them to track.

Recently I had the chance to talk via Skype video with David Michaels, VP of Engineering for  He’s the person who designed the security system for Mint, the popular online budget tool that’s now used by nearly 6 million people.

He explained how Mint keeps user info safe.  Watch the 9-minute video interview here.

We use Mint in our household and are comfortable doing so.  I believe the benefits far outweigh any potential dangers.

Do you use Mint or another online budget tool?  If so, how have you gotten past any initial concerns you may have had about security?  If not, are security concerns holding you back?

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