Profitable Ideas

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting, entertaining, or helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

10 bear market truths (A Wealth of Common Sense). Words of wisdom after a brutal week in the market.

What investors should and shouldn’t do in this market (MarketWatch). It’s times like these when you find out if you’re a long-term investor or a short-term trader.

For children, dumbed-down phones may be smartest option (NY Times). Navigating the maddening maze of getting your kids their first phone.

3 ways to ensure a fast tax refund (Bible Money Matters). New identity theft safeguards may delay this year’s refunds, but there are steps you can take to help speed up the process.

To move forward financially, first face your past (Washington Post). Getting at what’s really holding you back financially.

Why the Redskins players are so frugal (Wall Street Journal). The unusual pro sports team where the fans drive nicer cars than many of the players.

Plan your professional development for the year (Harvard Business Review). Your career abilities are among your most valuable assets. How do you plan to grow their value this year?

Putting a price on fun (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). When you shop for groceries, you’re all about figuring out the “cost per ounce,” but have you ever looked at entertainment on a “cost per unit of fun” basis?

The number that matters most (The Simple Dollar). Sounds easy.

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