Profitable Ideas: Developing the Will to Succeed, Getting a Clue on Credit Scores, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

How to use a teacher’s lesson plan to manage your money (A Teachable Moment). Many of the same principles that go into a well-run classroom apply to a well-designed financial plan.

10 things not enough kids know before going to college (Vox). Practical suggestions from someone who has seen firsthand what students really need to succeed.

5 habits of people with remarkable willpower (Inc.). Lots of personal finance applications here—from how effectively we work to how wisely we spend.

The career limitations of emotional intelligence (Fast Company). It’s still important, but it’s more important in some types of jobs than others.

48% of Americans saving for retirement are pretty sure they have no idea what they’re doing (Business Insider). One way to avoid being part of this crowd is to make sure you know the essentials about investing.

Americans are pretty clueless on credit cards and scores (USA TODAY). The article contains a quiz so you can see where you stand, and it then teaches some key points all of us should know.

Lessons on Christian vocation from ‘Chewbacca Mom’ (Acton Institute). A quirky video gave this woman a big audience, and she delivers a big, important lesson about making a difference.

Before we go out, I need to know your credit score (Washington Post). It’s not the most romantic question, but the answer can open up an important conversation.

If you become disabled, is your income protected? (Sound Mind Investing). Here’s one more type of insurance you probably don’t want to spend money on, but maybe you should.

To ask questions or give feedback about any of the above articles, meet me in the comments section.

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