Profitable Ideas: How to Raise Non-Materialistic Kids, LinkedIn’s Secrets to Getting Hired, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

‘I make myself rich by making my wants few’ (The Simple Dollar). A “Prime” lesson from what has quickly become one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Just two out of five Americans spent less than their incomes in 2015 (Wall Street Journal). Apparently, for most, their wants are many!

6 ways to keep your kids from growing up materialistic (Time). Some good, simple, practical ideas.

Living with a teenage data hog (NY Times). What cell phone rules have you set for your kids?

Earning more does not cure all (20 Something Finance). Far better to become a law-breaker. That is, learn to break Parkinson’s Law: “Expenses always rise to meet income.”

LinkedIn’s top three secrets to getting hired in 2016 (Fast Company). It isn’t so much about who you know.

The hidden costs of refinancing — revealed (Fox News). Sure, a lower monthly payment sounds nice. But what will it cost you?

Summertime and the living is expensive (Financial Post). What are some of your secrets to keeping summer costs manageable?

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