Profitable Ideas: Avoiding Older People’s Greatest Fear, Next-Level Financial Stewardship, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Older people fear this more than death (MarketWatch). You can avoid this fate by starting to invest as young as possible. But read the next article. Cash investments for money you won’t need for 10 years? Ah, no.

Real estate is top investing choice, with stocks only tied for third, survey says (Bankrate). If you’re going to avoid the problem pointed out in the first article, you’ll have to make peace with the stock market. A good starting point is to read The Essentials of Investing.

How to keep your college kid out of money trouble (Time). A lot of it has to do with setting expectations.

How, Then, Shall We Spend (Sound Mind Investing). Taking financial stewardship to a whole new level.

How to take one vacation day and save thousands (Wise Bread). The benefits of taking a day to tackle all those financial chores you’ve been meaning to get to someday one day.

Your children’s financial future depends on you (The Street). Setting a good example is one of the primary ways we teach our kids about money, and most other things for that matter. For more on this topic, read, Teach Your Kids About Money by Embracing These Three Roles.

Everybody dies. It’s time to have the talk (Bloomberg). Bringing up the conversation can be awkward, but avoiding it is far worse.

Money and Marriage (Solid Steps Radio). I enjoyed being a guest recently on Solid Steps Radio hosted by Kurt Sauder. Listen in as we talk about how to manage money effectively with your spouse and more.

Want to help the people in your church or workplace get the money thing right? Check out the new Money. Purpose. Joy. small group program. The price is going up soon, so order now.

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