Profitable Ideas: Most Common Financial Regrets, Getting Better at the Game of Life, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Most Americans have financial regrets, particularly about saving ( You can avoid this regret by getting in the game with saving and investing.

Five pro tips to nail an interview and land your dream job (Fast Company). The first five minutes, the follow-up, and a few keys in between.

How I feed my family of 5 well on $125 a week (Business Insider). Lots of little habits can add up to some big savings.

What’s the right age for a child to get a smartphone? (NY Times). A good follow-up to my recent post on the subject. This article’s conclusion? “The longer you wait to give your children a smartphone, the better.”

Avoid the shock of a fifth year of college tuition (Reuters). No easy answers here, other than doing all we can to help our kids figure out what they want to study before they start college.

Five 401(k) tips for recent grads (CNBC). Good advice for getting a lifetime of investing off to a good start.

12 things you can learn that will make you better at the game of life (Seed Time). Great, practical advice on topics not typically covered in school.

What happened when I gave up multitasking for a week (Fast Company). What to be more effective and less stressed? Give “monotasking” a try.

Want to help the people in your church or workplace get the money thing right? Check out the new Money. Purpose. Joy. small group program. The price is going up soon, so order now.

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