Profitable Ideas: The Biggest Financial Regret, Raising Generous Kids, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

This is No. 1 financial regret of older Americans (MarketWatch). For those who aren’t “older” yet, there’s still time to avoid this regret.

Stop spending based on other people’s wealth (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). Trying to keep up with the Joneses is bad enough, but when you don’t even know the truth about the Joneses’ financial situation, that just makes it crazier.

5 financial moves now that you’ll regret when you retire (Wise Bread). Most of our daily decisions won’t come back to haunt us, but here are some financial choices that might.

Don’t let your parents drag you under financially (Washington Post). Be their financial lifeguard, not their financial lifeline.

5 ways to hard-wire children for a lifetime of giving (Reuters). Simple ways to raise other-minded, generous kids.

Dolly Parton on generosity and other money matters (Reuters). The country music icon knows where she came from, and how she got to where she is.

Five simple ways for new grads to attract recruiters’ attention (Fast Company). Some good tips for job hunters.

What life is like after we paid off our $69,751 mortgage in 13 months (Two Cup House). What could YOU accomplish if you made some little financial changes like this couple made?

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