Profitable Ideas: 9 ‘Secret’ Costco Perks, Invisible Credit Cards, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

This increasingly commonplace habit could be dangerous for your finances (MarketWatch). We’re automating more of our spending. Savings? Not so much.

College’s hidden costs: What the admissions office doesn’t tell you (Washington Post). Take everything you know about college costs — and then add another $250 – $500 per month.

9 secret perks that make a Costco membership totally worth it (Clark Howard). Our household is not a member of a warehouse club because they seem to hold their own unique temptations to overspend. But I wasn’t aware of all of these benefits. Are you a member? Do you think it’s worthwhile?

The 5 types of retirement (Money Boss). This isn’t your grandfather’s retirement. Which type do you have in mind?

Beyond the no-spend: Approaches for Christmas gifting (Pretend to be Poor). What are the unique rules of Christmas gift-giving in your household?

Student loan repayment: 12 rules (Squared Away). If you’re one of the many people with education debt, do you know all of the rules and options?

The invisible credit card of the future (BBC). The less we feel like we’re spending money, the more we tend to spend.

Bah humbug: A little scrooge in me (She Picks Up Pennies). Money lessons from the world’s most famous miser.

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