Profitable Ideas: 75-Year Harvard Study Reveals Key to Success, Best Investing Books, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Everything you need to know about the huge Yahoo data breach (Time). Apparently, the breach dates back to 2013. Why it takes so long to report these things is maddening, but if you have a Yahoo account, you should read this.

This is the secret to doing what you love (CNBC). On a happier note, here’s some wonderfully simple, empowering advice for anyone pursuing a dream.

Finding fulfillment for less (The Simple Dollar). The best things in life don’t have to cost a lot.

Easy ways to save over $600 a year (Next Avenue). Want to free up some cash flow? Take a close look at your recurring bills.

Improving your income at your current job (The Simple Dollar). Of course, the other side of the cash flow ledger is income. Here are some practical steps that may lead to a pay raise.

The personal success equation (A Wealth of Common Sense). Come for the Jim Carrey quote at the beginning, but stay for the whole article.

75-year Harvard study reveals the key to success in 2017 and beyond (CNBC). What financial changes would make the biggest difference in your most important relationships?

Best investing books of all time (The Ways to Wealth). Some great recommendations. Only glaring omission I see is The Sound Mind Investing Handbook, which is currently half off.

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