Profitable Ideas: How to Have a Financially Better 2017, Having More Without Buying More, and Other Articles

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Money moves to make in 2017 (Washington Post). Lots of ideas for improving your finances in the New Year.

How to be a better spender (Scientific American). Some ways of spending money pay far more happiness dividends than others.

This long-term investment leads to guaranteed 100% return on day 1 (MarketWatch). Some offers really are as good as they seem. The only mystery is why so many people take a pass on this form of free money.

Imagine a world where we buy nothing (spoiler: it already exists!) (And Then We Saved). Organized sharing—it’s how to have more without buying more.

Enjoy brick-and-mortar shopping? Get ready to be watched very closely (CNBC). Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? You are—more than ever.

Movin’ Out (The Simple Dollar). A simple question—with important implications.

Now’s the time to change your passwords (CBS Money Watch). Resolve not to be a victim of identity theft in 2017.

Don’t be anchored when your credit card bill arrives (USA TODAY). Paying off credit card debt the credit card company’s way will keep you in debt for approximately forever. Try these two simple steps instead.

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