Profitable Ideas: The Top Money Lesson to Teach Your Kids, The Profit of Stealth Wealth, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

The No. 1 money lesson to teach your kid (Business Insider). Couldn’t agree more. It isn’t easy to teach because it isn’t always easy to model, but it’s beneficial in so many ways.

How to become ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ (The Simple Dollar). Lessons from one of my absolute favorite personal finance books.

Stealth wealth (The Retirement Manifesto). This is a great read. Lots of lessons here, and a good example of someone doing his best to maintain his sanity in an insanely materialistic culture.

We don’t need to consume less – we just need to design better products (World Economic Forum). Very interesting, thought-provoking post about corporate responses to our era of “peak stuff.”

IBM and Visa want you to pay from your car (USA TODAY). Are you ready for “secure payment experiences” as you drive, go for a run, or wash your clothes?

Money pit (Humble Dollar). For renters, home ownership can look very appealing. Just make sure you’re ready for all that comes with it.

The big dip in financial freedom (Financial Independence Hub). Okay, this one’s creatively written but a little negative. It points to the importance of not overspending on a home, deciding whether you’re going to be a one-income household and, if you are, buying a house based only on that income, and making sure you’re on board with the commitments you take on. Do all those things and life can be a joyful journey. Fail to do them and you may find yourself feeling trapped.

Should you pay for a home warranty? (MarketWatch). When we bought our current home, the sellers paid for a home warranty. When our water heater failed in our first year of ownership, that warranty covered much of the cost of a replacement. Still, if it had been up to us to pay for one, I’m not sure we would have. What’s been your experience with home warranties?

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