Profitable Ideas: Lessons for Living, The Limits of Minimalism, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Some lessons for living from older generations (A Wealth of Common Sense). One of the absolute best ways to learn about life—the financial aspects and everything else—is to ask those who’ve gone before us.

The observer effect and your money (The Simple Dollar). This is so true — the very act of using a budget will make you think twice about a lot of potential purchases.

Stop lying to yourself about money (Washington Post). Are you using any alternative facts in your financial life?

More consumers are using this powerful credit card tool (MarketWatch). Good to know this is available to you.

I pledge allegiance to my stuff (Be More With Less). A convicting way to consider whether you may have too much.

Minimalism is not the gospel (The Gospel Coalition). I’ve wanted to write something similar to this for some time. There are many benefits to taking a more minimalist (is “more minimalist” an oxymoron?) approach, but I can also see how it could go too far.

Best route to bargain airfares (Chicago Tribune). A little flexibility can drive the cost down a lot.

Zeroing in (Humble Dollar). Managing money well involves making trade-offs. It’s a lesson we need to embrace, and it’s so important to teach this to our kids.

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