Profitable Ideas: Don’t Set/Forget Your 401(k), Debt After Death, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Why you shouldn’t stick with your 401(k) plan’s default savings (US News). For starters, the percentage of your salary it’ll have you contributing is probably too low.

My 12 biggest financial mistakes of the last 10 years (The Simple Dollar). Great, honest post by one of my favorite personal finance writers. Can you relate to any of these mistakes?

What happens to your debt when you die? (MarketWatch). Most people die with debt. Do you know who would be responsible for what you owe?

Busy vs. productive (Collaborative Fund). In our increasingly distracted world, learning how to be truly productive is more important than ever.

The cars of personal finance bloggers (Rockstar Finance). Interesting look at what people who write about money drive. Our household fits right in with summary lesson #3. We’ve been happily driving Japanese cars for a long time.

Ways to save (and not spend) your tax refund (NY Times). Is it just me, or does it seem like big-screen TV sales tend to spike right about the time when most of the refund checks land in mailboxes?

Did people suffer for your cotton shirt? (Fast Company). Interesting initiative aimed at an important but complex issue — figuring out how to make sure the low prices we pay for things don’t come at the high cost of worker exploitation.

Three cover letter details that really don’t matter (USA TODAY). How to avoid overthinking your job search.

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