Profitable Ideas: Your Job May Not Be Robot-Proof, When Spending Brings the Best Return, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Robots are coming for your job (Moneyish). A surprising look at some of the jobs robots can now handle. Is your job in jeapordy?

Sometimes, spending brings a bigger return than saving (NY Times). I agree with the value of experiences, but don’t go into debt for them. Plan for them by making “vacations” a monthly budget category and put the monthly allocation into savings.

A guide for busy people who want to build new income streams (The Simple Dollar). These ideas all take time, but they can all be done from home.

When to spend your emergency fund (She Picks Up Pennies). Some great points about distinguishing between expenses and emergencies.

Running in place (Humble Dollar). At first glance, it does seem surprising happiness hasn’t budged over the years. The three reasons named in this post do a good job of explaining why, while also pointing toward some personal solutions.

Career experts make over these mediocre LinkedIn profiles (Fast Company). Does your electronic resume need a redo?

Are we spoiling our kids with too much praise? (JSTOR Daily). This article doesn’t bring in the financial implications, but I think there are some, like a link to entitlement.

How your smartphone could be ruining your career (MarketWatch). Our co-workers aren’t the ones interrupting our work anymore; it’s our phones. Here’s how to keep yours from killing your productivity.

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