Profitable Ideas: Best Money Apps, Taming The ‘More!’ Monster, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

The best financial tools, apps, and calculators I recommend all the time (Gen Y Planning). I haven’t tried all of these, but I trust the source. You’re bound to find several that are helpful.

Why we’re keeping our 2004 SUV with 200,000 miles for at least two more years (Pete the Planner). As long as you keep them well maintained, vehicles can last a long time. One of ours is a 2004 as well. How long do you keep your vehicles?

What we practice grows stronger (No Sidebar). Managing money wisely often feels like swimming against the current of our culture. Don’t give up.

Five reasons to wear the same thing everyday (Forbes). Could you get away with this? What might you learn by giving it a try?

Why we sold our forever home after only 6 months (And Then We Saved). I really like this post. Brutal honesty followed by a bold move.

The art of the alternative (Pretend to be Poor). Between the extremes of “either” and “or” are plenty of good options.

Using negative visualization to reduce the desire for more (The Simple Dollar). Taming the “More!” monster one unspeakable question at a time.

Are prices cheaper at Amazon, Walmart, Costco, or (Time). Brand loyalty can come at a cost. Here’s proof that it pays to shop around.

What are your thoughts on any of the above? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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2 Responses to Profitable Ideas: Best Money Apps, Taming The ‘More!’ Monster, and More

  1. Al June 30, 2017 at 10:30 PM #

    Re: Pete the Planner’s post about his 2004 yak (uh, SUV). Our 1995 Subaru Legacy now has 323,000 miles, and it’s still going strong. More reliable than our 1999. Why spend thousands to get a newer car when this one is still working?

    • Matt Bell July 1, 2017 at 7:07 AM #

      Amen to that, Al. We’re big believers in keeping vehicles a long time.

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