Profitable Ideas: A Credit Freeze Will Only Get You So Far, The Human Decency Fund, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Here’s why a credit freeze won’t protect your identity completely (US News). Freezing your credit is a good idea, but there are other steps you should take as well.

A guide to choosing your company benefits during open enrollment season (Workable Wealth). It may feel like a chore, but it’s important to consider the options in light of any circumstances that may have changed since last year.

Investing in your career can pay off big time (ESI Money). When’s the last time you spent some money on improving your job skills?

The basic human decency fund (How We Do Money). I’m guessing most people reading this are generous givers, but do you set aside some money that can be given toward needs that come up unexpectedly?

Your Netflix subscription is about to get more expensive (Clark Howard). Seems like it hasn’t been that long since they increased prices the last time. Instead of accepting this $1 per month increase, we decided to trade down to the Basic plan, which will save us some money instead of costing more.

Some thoughts on project 333 (The Simple Dollar). An interesting way to reduce the stuff in your life to free yourself up—financially and otherwise.

The retirement monster among us (A Teachable Moment). It’s best to treat your retirement account as untouchable until, well, retirement.

The missing diamond (Love Liberty Shelter). Could you lose something so costly and have so much peace?

What are your thoughts on any of the above? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

One more article I’d encourage you to read: Money. Purpose. Joy. review (Three Thrifty Guys). Why not encourage the small groups or stewardship person at your church to consider using this resource in your church? Or, just gather some friends or co-workers and go through this course together.

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2 Responses to Profitable Ideas: A Credit Freeze Will Only Get You So Far, The Human Decency Fund, and More

  1. Ms. Steward October 7, 2017 at 4:01 PM #

    Thanks for mentioning me! Love this post roundup!

    • Matt Bell October 10, 2017 at 4:55 PM #

      Happy to, Ms. Steward. Keep up the good work with your blog!

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