Profitable Ideas: Lessons From a Sudden Evacuation, Protecting Kids From ID Theft, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

A sudden evacuation (Dads Dollars Debts). Real life story about a family that survived the recent Northern California wildfires, along with their practical advice for the rest of us.

We’re ditching cash, so how do we teach kids about money? (CNBC). As money becomes more abstract, teaching kids how to manage it can become more of a challenge.

Do you need to pay for fire and rescue services? (Bible Money Matters). The cost of dialing 911.

How to protect your child from identity theft (Wise Bread). Kids are among the most vulnerable because if their identity is stolen it can take years to find out.

90 percent of workers could botch their benefits picks (CNBC). With open enrollment season upon us, some guidance on making good decisions.

Why experiences are better than things (Becoming Minimalist). You’ve probably heard that people are generally happier to have spent money on experiences than things, but do you really understand why?

The difference a high starting salary can make (ESI Money). It sounds like obvious advice, and yet very few people negotiate their initial salary.

Five decisions to true financial freedom: Lordship decision (Ron Blue Institute). Second in a five-part series from one of my favorite biblical money management teachers.

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