Profitable Ideas: The Number That Matters Most, Preparing for the Next Bear, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

Number one number (Humble Dollar). There’s wisdom in maintaining a healthy hatred of recurring bills and being ruthless about keeping them under control.

To cure affluenza, we have to be satisfied with the stuff we already own (The Guardian). The marketing machine seeks the exact opposite—to make us dissatisfied. Cultivating contentment through gratitude is a big part of a financial life that works.

Don’t trade your passion just to gain the world (Becoming Minimalist). What we say is important is often at odds with what we pursue.

The next bear market (A Wealth of Common Sense). Bull markets don’t last forever. Are you ready for the next bear?

Do this one thing to improve your productivity today (Thrive Global). So simple, yet so difficult for so many of us.

To promote happiness, choose time over money (Behavioral Scientist). Just one more example of our odd relationship with money—the more we make the more time stressed we feel.

How should we approach debt? (Randy Alcorn). Good, solid scriptural teaching about debt.

Five decisions to true financial freedom: The steward decision (Ron Blue Institute). Fourth installment in a great five-part series by the author of the very first biblical money management book I ever read, Master Your Money.

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