Profitable Ideas: Money Lies Christians Believe, The Future of Retailing, and More

A weekly roundup of helpful personal finance articles.

5 lies Christians tell about money (The Gospel Coalition). There’s a lot to think about here, and pray about, and study.

‘Wait and see’ before using 529s for private school tuition (CNN). This change in the tax law is causing a lot of confusion. Especially if your state provides a tax deduction or credit for contributions, be careful about using the money for K-12 tuition.

Amazon’s first convenience store has gone viral (Fast Company). Imagine retail stores without checkout lines.

If you think grocery stores are playing tricks on you, they really are (Washington Post). Shopping with a list is a step in the right direction, but the odds are you’ll still spend more than you intended.

Ebay CEO: Get used to shopping with your voice (CNBC). It’s becoming easier than ever to place an order, but what about comparing prices?

How decluttering saves me money, time, and stress (Frugalwoods). It took a lot of time and effort, but it proved to be so worth it.

Why it’s so hard to calculate what you’ll pay for college (NY Times). No one should ever pay the sticker price, but from there the pricing path gets murky.

Sitting on the sidelines shortchanges your retirement (Chicago Tribune). No one knows when is the best time to start investing, so if you haven’t started yet, you might as well start now.

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