Profitable Ideas: The Best DIY Tax Software, A Common Insurance Mistake, and More

A weekly roundup of helpful personal finance articles.

How to choose the right do-it-yourself tax software (Consumer Reports). Whether you’re still finishing your 2017 return or getting set up for the next tax season, here’s an unbiased look at the leading DIY tax prep packages.

The tipping point (Humble Dollar). Compounding may not seem like a big deal early on, but just wait.

The state of K-12 economic and financial education in the U.S. (Council for Economic Education). Bottom line on the latest survey? “No growth.” It would be nice if schools did more, but ultimately it’s up to parents to teach their kids about money (See The Absolute Best Way to Teach Kids About Money).

Are home renovations necessary? (Curbed). The question is so counter-cultural, at first it’s easy to think the author is joking. She’s not.

Survey: Half of Americans haven’t even checked their credit since the Equifax hack (Clark Howard). Are you too complacent about protecting your financial identity?

8 signs your estate plan may be worthless (Kiplinger). If it’s been a while since you put your plan together, it may be time for an update.

Homeowners: Don’t make this common insurance mistake (Morningstar). If you’ve made some home improvements, your policy may need to be upgraded.

Surviving the dangers of prosperity (Eternal Perspective Ministries). Of seed, thorns, and the deceitfulness of wealth (Matthew 13:1-23).

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