Profitable Ideas: The Stock Market’s Amazing Upward Trajectory, The Money/Loneliness Connection, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Why do stocks generally go up over time? (A Wealth of Common Sense). One of today’s best investing writers on some important truths about the stock market. For those with the right mindset, it offers one of the best opportunities for building wealth.

Tax credits for college costs (Kiplinger). If you’re paying tuition bills, are you taking full advantage of these credits?

Life is more than compounding money (Intelligent Fanatics). Building wealth for the future is a good thing, but even good things can go too far. Lessons from some very wealthy, very stingy people.

Human condition (Humble Dollar). How to manage one of your most valuable assets.

Advice has changed on what car to buy for a young driver (NY Times). Wait, why would you buy a car for a young driver? At the risk of sounding like Scrooge, let them buy their own car, preferably after they’re out of college!

How these 6 assets might affect student financial aid eligibility (Wise Bread). If you have college-bound kids, it pays to know these rules.

How a new law will let you freeze your credit files for free (US News). This is a great step that hopefully will prompt more people to freeze their credit files.

America’s epidemic of loneliness (MarketWatch). It’s noteworthy how much of a financial connection there is.

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