Profitable Ideas: The Next Bear is Bound to Hurt More, Investing is the Best Foreign Language, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Why the next bear market may feel more painful (A Wealth of Common Sense). With more money in your portfolio, thanks to a nine-year bull market, the next downturn may be tougher to take.

The wisdom of frugality: What is simplicity? (The Simple Dollar). If you’re attracted to the idea of simple living, it can help to define what that means to you.

North Face is cutting waste by selling refurbished old coats (Fast Company). An interesting and welcome new sales strategy.

Cadillac test-drives subscriptions (Gartner L2). This is a trend that’s showing up in more product categories. But leasing or “subscribing” is bound to cost more than buying and keeping for a long time.

Americans lack emergency savings but more say they aren’t worried about it, survey finds (USA TODAY). I’ll save the finger-wagging lecture, but will just say that if you’re saving for retirement but have no or too little in savings, I’d recommend pausing your retirement saving long enough to build a solid base of savings.

Decluttr review: Sell your old electronics, media and games for cash (Bible Money Matters). If you’re trying to clear the clutter, this site may make it easier and more profitable for you.

Investing will be the most popular language (Medium). Interesting way to frame the topic. Which language should your kids learn — Mandarin or the markets? While I like the idea of them learning a foreign language, if I had to choose, I’d vote for learning the language of investing.

Negotiating a job offer (Fervent Finance). Your starting salary will have a long-term impact on your financial health. Negotiate well.

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