Profitable Ideas: Wealth is What You Don’t See, Cell Phone Cybertheft Protection, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Wealth is what you don’t see (Fervent Finance). This is one of the main messages from my favorite secular personal finance book, The Millionaire Next Door.

Not so simple living (Becoming Minimalist). It’s interesting what gets uncovered when you get rid of a lot of stuff.

To draw workers, employers offer to help with student loans (NY Times). New college grads would be wise to ask about this perk when weighing job offers.

Sustaining wealth is harder than getting rich (A Wealth of Common Sense). Another important lesson right from the pages of The Millionaire Next Door.

Ready for vacation? Here’s the best tech for trip planning (NY Times). How to make the most out of your vacation trips.

The wisdom of frugality: Why simple living is thought to make us happier (The Simple Dollar). Third in a multi-part series, taking a closer look at the benefits of simplifying.

Your life is on your smartphone. These 8 steps can keep cyberthieves out (USA TODAY). Did you know you could remotely lock your phone or even wipe all of its data?

Should my son stay on my health insurance at college? (Chicago Tribune). It’s an option, but here’s how to know if it’s the best option.

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