Profitable Ideas: Getting Amazon’s Prices Wherever You Shop, Money Rules, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

10 big chain stores that will secretly match Amazon’s low prices (Money). Want the item today? You might be surprise at which stores will match Amazon’s prices.

Paying off student loans faster: A how-to guide (Magnify Money). The pros, some cons, and how to get it done.

9 ways to protect your kids from consumerism and why it’s important (Buy Me Once). Parenting in a consumer culture isn’t easy. Here’s an action plan.

Buy a shirt, get a share. Bumped turns your purchases into shares (Digital Trends). Interesting idea that could be more valuable than cash back.

How to make a decision when you get multiple job offers (Fast Company). Sure, it’s a nice problem, but still… Here are some ideas for how to proceed.

Here’s what smart rich people really do with their nest egg (MarketWatch). For one thing, they follow a clear investment process.

Little money rules (Collaborative Fund). Great insights from one of my favorite investment and business writers.

Women outlive men. Why do they retire earlier? (NY Times). Especially for women, it makes sense to work longer.

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