Profitable Ideas: What It Means to Be Rich, The Storage Unit You Call Home, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

What it means to be rich: The difference between income and wealth (Get Rich Slowly). This point may seem basic, but it’s really important. In fact, it was a central point in one of the best personal finance books I’ve ever read — The Millionaire Next Door.

Assets minus liabilities (All About Your Benjamins). If the point wasn’t made strongly enough in the first article, this one will reinforce it.

The keys to financial success are incredibly mundane (sorry!) (Morningstar). Wise money management isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is rare — simple, but not easy.

The spectrum of financial dependence and independence (Collaborative Fund). When one of today’s best personal finance writers calls something “one of the most important topics in finance,” it’s worth paying attention to what he’s writing about.

10 warning signs to look for before buying a house (Financial Samurai). A great list — one that could only be developed by someone with a lot of experience buying real estate.

Jump start (Humble Dollar). The benefits of getting in the game financially at a young age go well beyond financial benefits.

10 money revelations from being a parent (A Wealth of Common Sense). If you have kids, you’ll probably be able to relate to most of these.

Do you live in a home or a storage unit? (She Picks Up Pennies). Honest, convicting article about our uneasy relationship with stuff.

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One Response to Profitable Ideas: What It Means to Be Rich, The Storage Unit You Call Home, and more.

  1. Doug Smith August 10, 2018 at 3:18 PM #

    Interesting article on financial independence. Never thought of finances that way before. I just left a part time job I have had in retirement that I didn’t need and realized how I jumped up the scale on independence by getting rid of bosses. I still mentor a kid from Big Brother Big Sister whose just getting started in the work force and realized how far down he is.

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