Profitable Ideas: Mountains of Stuff, The Debt-Free College Education, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

We are all accumulating mountains of things (The Atlantic). Feeling stuffed? You’re not alone.

The money-management secrets of a 56-year union: ‘It’s always been ours’ (Kiplinger). What’s the secret to making money work in marriage? The headline says it all (but read the article for more insights from a remarkable couple).

6 common habits that put you at risk for identity theft (NBC News). Some simple steps you can take to stay safe.

The magic of enough: Author Brian Portnoy on wealth (Reuters). To invest successfully, understanding yourself is more important than understanding the markets.

1 in 8 divorces is caused by student loans (CNBC). It’s so easy to take out a loan. But it can cost you more than you realize.

How we sent our children to college debt-free (Washington Post). It wasn’t magic. It just took some common sense and counter-cultural decisions.

Is your child at risk of catching ‘affluenza’? (Kiplinger). Wealth can enable parents to give their kids some unique experiences and opportunities, but it can also create problems.

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