Profitable Ideas: Turning Money Into Superdollars, Why Kids Really Want Things, and more.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

How to turn your money into superdollars (Morningstar). Time is one of the most important ingredients for investing success. Free money doesn’t hurt either.

Purposeful spending (The Belle Curve). On the benefits of funded contentment.

28 pieces of productivity advice I stole from others that made me successful (Medium). There’s bound to be at least an idea or two here you could benefit from.

This is the number one thing that will keep you happy at work (Moneyish). It’s especially important for managers to read this.

Four money mistakes to avoid and keep your financial aid (Reuters). No one pays a university’s sticker price, but plenty of people pay too much by not paying attention to the financial aid rules.

Here’s why you shouldn’t retire super early — even if you can (MarketWatch). FIRE (financial independence, retire early) is a popular trend, but you can get burned.

Why kids want things (The Atlantic). The answer is more complicated than you probably realize.

There’s a scientific reason why you can’t buy just one thing at Target (Time). Your best defense — although it isn’t failsafe — may be that low-tech throwback to an earlier generation: A shopping list.

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